Drives with TwinSAFE option card TwinSafe I/O Terminals Software TwinSAFE - Open and scalable safety technology

The TwinSAFE integrated safety solution represents the consistent continuation of the open and PC-based control philosophy from Beckhoff. Due to their modularity and versatility, the TwinSAFE terminals fit seamlessly into the Beckhoff control system. The I/O components are available as Bus Terminals, EtherCAT Terminals, EtherCAT plug-in modules and EtherCAT Box modules. With the fieldbus-neutral safety protocol (TwinSAFE/Safety over EtherCAT), TwinSAFE devices can be integrated into any desired fieldbus system. To this end, the IP 20 TwinSAFE Bus Terminals are integrated into existing stations with K-bus or EtherCAT or used directly in the machine as IP 67 modules. These safety I/Os provide the interfaces to safety-relevant sensors and actuators. more



TwinSAFE: The integrated safety solution from the I/Os to the drives.


TwinSAFE Bus Terminals

TwinSAFE Bus Terminals: The safe I/Os and the TwinSAFE Logic Terminal can be integrated into any desired fieldbus system.

TwinSAFE EtherCAT Terminals

TwinSAFE EtherCAT Terminals: With the integration of TwinSAFE into the EtherCAT Terminal system, the high performance of EtherCAT, with fast communication and enhanced diagnostics, is also available for safety technology.

TwinSAFE option cards

TwinSAFE option cards: The Beckhoff Servo Drives from the AX5xxx series become fully-fledged safety drives with the AX5805 TwinSAFE drive option card.

TwinSAFE configurator

TwinSAFE configurator: The complete TwinSAFE system is configured via the TwinCAT System Manager.